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Our Health Services in Irving/Las Colinas, TX

As our knowledge of the brain and spine continues to expand, so does the technology that enables physicians to pinpoint the source of neurological diseases or disorders. At North Texas Neuroscience and Sleep Center, PA, sophisticated technology, backed by a commitment to the latest research and trends, enables patients to benefit from advanced diagnostic services, such as:
  • Ambulatory Electroencephalogram
  • Electroencephalogram
  • Video Electroencephalogram
  • Electromyography
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Nerve Conduction Velocities (NCV)
  • Sleep Studies (PSG/CPAP)
  • Home Sleep Studies
  • Autonomic Nervous Systems Testing
  • Cognitive Testing
Brain MRI scan — Neurology Pediatrics Physicians & Surgeons in Irving, TX
We look forward to serving you. Please call us at (972) 869-3448 (press option 2) to schedule an appointment at either office.